Leaving Toronto? Here Are Some Tips for Moving Out of the City

Leaving Toronto

Whether you are moving across Canada or relocating to Ottawa, you need some time-tested moving advice to make it happen. Leaving Toronto can seem like a daunting task, but we have assembled for you our four key tips to making your move a seamless one. If you follow these recommendations, you won’t miss a beat as you move out of the city.

Moving Tips to Make Leaving Toronto Easy

Set a Budget

Taking the time to set a budget can be the single most crucial thing you do if you are moving out of the province. When your moving day finally arrives, you will have a clear picture of how you will allocate funds. Budgeting also provides you with an opportunity to find cost savings that may be more difficult to discover if you try to make a last-minute decision about an expenditure.

For instance, if you have the flexibility to move in the off-season, you can save yourself a sizeable chunk of change. You may also want to pack your supplies, use a moving container, or rent a moving truck. Based on these cost-saving measures, you might be able to afford more time seeing attractions or a fancy dinner along the way. 


Canada is a pretty vast country. In fact, it is the third-largest by total area in the world, second only to Russia. Make sure you allocate enough money to gas wherever your travels may take you.


The route and time of year can dramatically influence how much you pay for accommodations. Connecting with friends or family along your way is a great way to save money on hotels. If your budget is tight, consider using Couchsurfing or camping along the way.

Food and Beverages

Leaving Toronto can be an exciting endeavor. For one, it serves up the perfect opportunity to see how other cities across the country stack up when it comes to poutine. Of course, you should have some money allocated to wash it down with a Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian.

Emergency Fund

Unexpected complications can strike at any time. When it comes to moving across Canada, that can include a flat tire, inclement weather, a vehicular accident, or illness. Having an emergency fund will ensure you are covered no matter what curveballs come your way.


There are a million and one things you can budget for your big move. If you stick to the ones mentioned above, you should cover a majority of potential expenses. Other costs may include insurance, changing your driver’s license, and visiting tourist attractions.

Be Flexible

Staying on schedule is a virtue. Of course, it helps to build in some leeway, just in case. For instance, you might decide to take a quick detour to visit a national park or see a friend, whom you recently learned lives along your route.

Being flexible when it comes to your long-distance move will make the entire process less stressful. You are more likely to be relaxed and enjoy the journey knowing that you’ve budgeted some extra time into your schedule. Simply put, you never know what is going to happen, so do your best to embrace the unexpected.

Spread Out Appointments

Your final days in Toronto are going to feel like a blur. You’ll have last-minute appointments and goodbyes, so make sure your schedule accommodates as much as possible. That means putting some space between the essential activities, like the doctor, dentist, and licensing appointments.

Save the Receipts

If you are moving for work, you must save all of your receipts related to moving expenses. Come tax season, you can claim a Moving Expenses Deduction. You’ll be far more relaxed if you put all of your receipts in one place so you can access them when you need them most.

Have a Going-Away Sale

A long-distance moving company often will charge you based on how much your boxes weigh. To save some money, avoid shipping unnecessary items. Moving across the country is a prime opportunity to reevaluate what possessions are essential and what you don’t have to have.

Having a going-away sale or donating unwanted belongings to charity is a winning situation for everyone. You can pocket some extra cash for your trip, and your former treasures go to people who will use them. Plus, the Toronto moving companies will have to move fewer boxes, which helps your budget. Travel safe!

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